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PSA to the Michigan GOP.

#what if i named my vag ‘the dark lord’ #that would truly open up a whole new world of pickup lines #’the dark lord will see you now’ #’wanna be a death eater?’

both the post and the tags are A+

We should spread a mass movement where women will always refer to her vagina as “Voldemort” and treat it like it’s nbd.

At the doctor: “I think I there’s something wrong with my Voldemort.”

About to have sex: “Oh honey, I don’t think Voldemort’s gonna like that.”

Or have it in code:

I’m on my period: “Potter shoved a basilisk fang in my diary.”

(Source: daenerystarscaryen)

Eη∂ℓєѕѕ Zєяσ


"ǀ’νє вєєη ѕσ, αƖσηє~
ǀ тєƖƖ тнє тяυтн (Oнннн ησ~)
ǀ’νє вєєη нєяє, fσя тσσ Ɩσηg
HєƖρ мє!
ǀ тяυƖу кησω, fєαя
ǀ ωιƖƖ ηєνєя, fσяgєт
Ɯнαт Ɩυякѕ ɗєєρ

(Ugσ) Ƭнє ωσηɗяσυѕ Azσтн!
(AуƖα) A вαву
(Ugσ) Ƭнιѕ ιѕη’т ѕσмєтнιηg cσммση
(AуƖα) ǀт’ѕ נυѕт fσя υѕ
(Ugσ) Aяє уσυ fσя яєαƖ?
(AуƖα) Oυя вαву, Aн

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